North Carolina improviser: Carolyn Cole

Carolyn Cole

I've been learning / performing improv for 6 years. I teach improv at the Durham Arts Council, The PIT-Chapel Hill, and for Duke's OLLI. As a believer in cross-training, I go to places like NYC, Chicago and Yosemite to learn from masters in the field via intensives. Some of my improv gurus are Susan Messing, David Razowski, Jet Eveleth, Craig Cackowski, Karen Graci, Jimmy Carrane, Ben Ramaeka and Jeris Donovan. I go regularly to Improv Camp where improvisers from across the country gather to learn and play together. All of this gives me a broad national perspective on improv and familiarity with the varied approaches / styles that improv can take. Check out my website and Blog: Improv Now

My current performance troupes are The Echoes - we do the JTS Brown and the duo, 'Average Couple' with Vinny Valdivia.