North Carolina improviser: Todd H. McCauley

Todd H. McCauley

I come from a theatre background. I knew I wanted to be an actor since 9th grade. You know, life sometimes takes you in unexpected directions. My acting ambitions were sidelined in 1982. Fast forward to 2016 when my Improv journey began at a drop-in at the former DSI in Chapel Hill NC. At DSI I completed levels 101-501. I've also taken classes and workshops at the Carrboro Arts center, Mettlesome, The PIT Chapel Hill and Comedyworx. I've had the opportunity to perform in a variety of shows at the Former DSI, The Carrboro Arts center, The PIT Chapel Hill and Comedyworx. I've had the geat privilege to sit under some fantastic teachers and coaches including: Zack Ward, Andrew Agahpour, Kit Fitzsimmons, Dan DeSalva, Brandon Holmes, Kori Robins, Jonathan Yeomans, Jack Reitz, Hillary Yonce, Corey Brown, Rose Werth, Emily Holland, Brian Sutorius, Ashley Melzer, Tara Reid, Alex James, Will Purpura, Anoo Tree Brod, Steven Warnock, Ali Faranakian and Ashley Meyers to name a few. In the years remaining, I really want to learn the Harold and teach and perform improv in the African American context.